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  • Deehanna wrote: » people alway ask me if i can brush my hair. also they ask if i perm my hair. I my curls! Yes! I get that too! And pople also ask me if I perm my hair, it gets annoying
  • lil_earthmomma wrote: » People ask me "why don't you straighten your hair, it would be so much prettier!" But the number one question is "is your hair naturally curly, or do you perm it?" Ugh. Yes I get that alot too, "you should straigh…
  • Have your mom read about the method, show her how much it could help your hair. However it does not work for everyone! I have been CG for 5 months and it has been really good for me. My coarse hairs have gotten much softer and tamer. Find a condit…
  • I would not say that most 3b are mixed but my dad is American and my mom is Puerto Rican so I have a weird texture of straightish/curliesh/frizzish hair
  • I read how you described your hair and it was really similar to mine! The bottom layer is looser curls with lots of moisture and the top layer is mini corkscrews that is always frizzy/dry! I don't know what to do because Ivdon't want to straighten i…
  • I do 2 french braids then twirl the ends
  • I have tried so many hairstylist and they always say, "oh I had a client in a little while ago with hair just like yours, except I meanitt was a little less curly, would you like me to starighten it for you?"
  • Thanks for the tips! I'll be sure to check it out!
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