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  • I use the Naked Bounce shampoo and conditioner, which have no sulphates in.. I had a look at the ingredients, and the conditioner does have a cone in it - I looked it up though, and apparently the coco-something betaine (sorry, can't remember the ex…
  • What type of products should I be looking for, that are light but with a better hold? I don't leave in any conditioner, it definitely weighs down my hair even more... Thanks for your help
  • Um it's probably normal, it's not especially fine or coarse, and thin... Thanks for your help!
  • That would be great! I'm a teen on a very low budget in England..
  • I use the Naked Bounce shampoo and conditioner, neither have any sulphates or cones in them... And then L'Oreal Curl Power mousse, which has no cones in either.. I put the mousse on before plopping for half an hour, and then leave it to air dry a…
  • I co-wash with Aussie's Aussome Volume conditioner, use L'Oreal Curl Power mousse (haven't been able to find a CG gel here yet!), plop for about 20 minutes and then leave it to air dry..
  • I would suggest plopping (there are lots of articles about it on here!) first, and then leaving it to dry naturally, if you don't want it quite so big P.s., you have gorgeous hair!
  • Thank you everyone! this is such a good community!