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  • Hello and may the curl be with you! I need grave assistance from y'all. I have been trying the curly gurl way for about two months. I have to admit I am a spaz and have trouble following a product through or a technique (i.e. being hands off or using the right amount of product). I can  give up rather easily and move to another product. Although Im sure some can relate to feeling discouraged by the process. But with this QandA format with other curly girls, I feel hopeful. So heres whats going on, and you're an angel if you can help shine a lit on the right curl path for myself and my mane. Here are the frustrating bumps in the journey to smooth curls.
    A. I color my hair (sssshhh I'm a red head at heart). So I don't know if its over processed or what. But some of the issues have been longterm. Past attempts to go full curl haven't worked, or I just used so much product I looked like Motely Crue from the 80's.
    1. My roots have always laid really flat. But during this process even more. And they are like plastered (or have that sensation) to my head and don't have a lot of wiggle room to be flow or bouncy. Ive tried the apple cider (that does seem to sort of help). Deva curl buildup (thats nice) and it kind of assists with this strangeness. My fav shampoo all around has been the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo (and that leaves my hair soft and workable). Advice: what is happening to my weird flat, roots that lead to clumping (not in good way) and what can I do to avoid it?
    2. My hair seems to be all over the place! I do believe I am 2B waves, but the porosity thing stumps me! Ive taken the test but then feel that there are varying options to porosity, products, application etc. So I think the top is high or medium porosity, and the bottom of my hair seems to struggle in absorption (showing signs of low porosity). Its been hard to find a way for the bottom of my hair to curl. Again it seems to take a lot of product. The problem is the lack of absorption. I literally have to section it off and do it in small chunks, otherwise it just knots and balls up Ha! Again the bottom half does same things a roots, sort of stiff and rigid! Today they are better but again really had to use a cocktail of sorts. ADVICE: Any one else suffer from this strange plague and anything I can do to work with it?  Does it sound like low porosity to you and how to care for two different hair types?
     3. Even though I have "wavy" hair it can actually be kind of kinky (well coarse I suppose). So the squish and condish doesn't work. I think I do have to section it. So if any one can provide techniques, products and curls ad I will be forever indebted. BTW mousse....does not work. XoXo Unless it chocolate and I can eat it.
    PRODUCTS: Im currently using
    1. Cantu Apple Cider rinse (when needed)
    2.  Deva Curl build up (when needed)
    3. Tresems shampoo when needed
    4. Giodivanna (co wash)
    4. Shea Raw Moisture detangler
    5. then #4 conditioner
    6. Spray Luster scurl activator moisturizer
    7. Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream
    8. devacurl gel
    9. deva curl super cream

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