Blunt Cut Vs. Cutting In Technique

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Hi Everyone. I am fairly new here, but this question has been on my mind for so long.

I have fine, 3a-b curly hair that I typically have weaved with color for definition. I dont have tons of hair, but medium amount I suppose.

The issue/problem....every time I go to get my hair cut....Ive been through about 5 stylists in 5 yrs...I will tell them that I think my hair lays better when straight (which I wear that way about 60-70% of the time) if THE ENDS ARE BLUNT CUT...NOT CUT IN OR style is a layered shoulder length cut...okay...every time just about without fail....they texturize/cut in on my hair.

1 stylist I visited 4 times, as she gave me exactly what I wanted the first time...subsequent times...she was lacking on cut, but color was excellent...then both were bad , so I switched. Another stylist....gave me a good cut..then next time...bad. MY HAIR GROWS SLOW.....SO, THIS EFFECTS ME GREATLY IF THEY CUT 2" VS. 1/2"...I know you all know what I mean!

In the past 2 yrs....Ive had to have fixed haircuts because one stylist cut my right side in back 2 " shorter than the left!!! I WAS SO MAD AND CRIED....SO I HAVE TO HAVE IT CUT OFF ON THE OTHER SIDE TO FIX....My most recent...beginning of may...A CURLY EXPERT STYLIST EVEN...did great until very end of haircut.....she cut in...she said a bit....for my hair to lay right when curly. She had not seen my hair totally curly when dry, just wet, I feel like I have shorter layers....then longer underneath...kinda like a short bob on top of shoulder lenght hair!!!


Any suggestions...stylists in my area....HELP. Im so perplexed and feel like in the midwest NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT CURLY HAIR!

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  • Heather0kayHeather0kay Registered Users Posts: 667 Curl Neophyte
    I had someone cut my left side 2" shorter than my right! Plus she whacked off my crown so I looked bald! Stylists think all curly hair is the same so it is difficult to find anyone that can cut all types. When my hair is longer I always blunt cut or I get stringy but my hair is super fine. I have had layered shoulder length hair for 10 years and I am sick of fighting with it and trying to find someone who can cut it so I am growing it out. I know what you mean abouts that jagged cutting or when they take the scissors vertically; my hair turns out an uneven mess! I do like it when they texturize.
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    Thanks for your reply. We are the only ones who, of course, get our hair and what works for US huh.

    I've watched Jonathan (i think is his name) who created CHS line with his skip curl cut etc...but looks like most of the gals in his how-to's have much longer locks than I, so not sure if that would work for me. Funny thing though, is I know that there is some cut that can make my curly hair look and lay great, and I can still have a nice style when straight too....dont really think it has a name, but Ive had a good cut like that before.

    the last gal that cut my hair, as i mentioned was a curly expert...and had very curly, 4a or b hair....but honestly....her's didnt look that great when I arrived for my appointment...I was a tad bit worried, but was trying not to freak out on the outside like I was thinking of on the inside.

    I live in Wichita, if anyone lives here and reads this...please give me some stylist idea.:icescream:

    thanks...karenokay. I felt your pain while reading your comments. How do you do it living in the Northwest anyway? Challenging for me as I love to wear my hair straight too much.

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