Triangle head

babyfinecurlsbabyfinecurls Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi! I'm definitely a 2A...fine hair with waves and a few curls. Short hair gives me curls, longer hair waves. Right now, I'm suffering triangle head - where the hair on top is flat and the ends fan hair is layered and actually cut for fine hair to give me volume. I'm really having a hard time explaining to the lady who cuts my hair how to cut it so I don't get this odd shape to it. Hair is below collar length in back and the back looks's the sides and top giving me fits. Any suggestions for short-medium hair cuts that will prevent the triangle effect? Thanks!



  • PaigePatchouliPaigePatchouli Posts: 1Registered Users
    Layers will actually give your hair more curl definition but less volume, which is what you're looking?
    Grow your hair out a bit and try long layers.

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