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Question: Should a small business stay open as long as a customer feels like being in the store?

If you're in a medium sized boutique (not tiny, not super posh and expensive, but not a chain) and the store closes at 7pm and you walk in at 6:55pm, do you consider it rude for the one person working to politely let you know the store closes soon?


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    Not at all!

    As someone who has worked in some form of retail or another for a very long time, I think associates deserve to go home (or atleast do what ever they do once the doors are closed) when its reached the posted close time.

    Stores are open long enough, if you can't shop during the posted times, you need start looking online.
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    If a store closes at a certain time, and a customer comes in 5 minutes before closing and expects them to delay their closing, THAT is rude.
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    It's definitely not rude for someone to let a customer know how soon the store closes. Maybe it would be rude if they said, "HEY! B*TCH! GET OUT!" but to politely bring up the closing time lets the shopper know they should either hurry or just come back later.

    It's just kinda how stores work - they open, they close. Come at the wrong time and they could be closing, such is life.

    Did you have to deal with a shopper that felt otherwise, L'n-z?
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    I think it's up to the business. In this economy I think it would be a good idea to let people shop as long as they want to, though.
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    No, I do not consider it rude. "Sorry, we're closing in five minutes" isn't rude. If they were coming in to browse it lets them know to come back another time.

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    I would let them know we are close to closing time. At closing time I would lock the door and start straightening out. That's what I used to do. Honestly it used to piss me off when folks would come into the store at 1 minute till closing and take their sweet time buying junk food and then gas. But, I had to take care of them because they came in before closing.

    Even worse are the asses who feel you HAVE to take care of them and keep knocking at the window because "what's the big deal? It's just a couple of dollars in gas. " The big deal is, I want to go home. dammit!

    Oops...sorry. Just venting on the a-hole customers who act as if sales associates are supposed to kiss their asses.
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    eh, i can see both sides of this one. my sister owns a salon/boutique and last weekend a woman came right in as she was finishing her last client and asked what time we closed. i told her i would have to ask and she said, "oh i didnt realize that it was a trick question." she kind of had a snippy attitude about it, but there really was no concrete answer. my sister doesnt have a designated closing time, but she does have a time when she takes her last appointment during the week and a goal for when she would like to be finished on the weekends. so if she feels like making more $ she stays open. if not, she closes.

    but as a consumer, i recognize and respect closing times. i will walk into a store at 6:55 when i know they close at 7. but you better believe, i will be out the door on my own at 7. for that reason i hate when stores "remind" you when theyre closing. especially if its 30+ minutes from closing time. i know what time it is, i know what time you close. get off my back.
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    Long ago, I worked in a deli at night. We closed at 11pm. We had to have all the slicers and fryers cleaned and emptied and cleaned before we left. People used to try to come in there at literally 1 minute to 11, but we would have the door locked. These people would want all kinds of sandwiches and food at closing time. The manager eventually told us we shouldn't do that anymore, but we never listened, because we all just wanted to go home (we all had families, kids). The assistant manager worked with us during our shift, he didn't care either. He wanted to go home too.
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    Letting them know what time you're closing isn't rude at all. As long as you're professional in your approach.

    I worked retail, and nothing would annoy me more than people who would walk in a minute until closing(I worked at Lowe's), and then want to meander through the store. We actually would let people know the time and when the store would be closing because at a certain point, the tils(registers) are closed down and once closed, they can't be reopened because the money has been removed.

    Three of the main registers(out of maybe 20) were open until closing or when we believed the last customer had been taken care of. We would tell them to bring their purchases to the front of the store because after the registers are shut down, that's it.

    When you also have to straighten up(which can take a LONG time) having people in the store taking their time, asking questions, etc, etc, cuts into us being able to get home. Don't get me wrong, I was always helpful and never rude, but some of the attitudes I encountered were very off-putting. Many of them walked around with an entitlement attitude like you're supposed to stay open for them. LMAO! And during that time, I was in undergrad, and had to get up at the crack of dawn for classes, so I was trying to get out on time.....which was NEVER on time. LOL! Even from a consumer standpoint, I make it a point to never walk into a store when it's getting ready to close unless I know exactly what I need, and can get out in time. Period. Otherwise, I wait til the next day if I need additional time. It's just a matter of being considerate.
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    I really appreciate it when people remind me that they close soon, because half the time I don't even realize it. There have been several times I've been in a store or restaurant and only when I've checked out have realized they were waiting around for me. I would have been alot faster or just come back another time if I had realized when they closed. Of course...maybe the responsibility should be on me to be more observant! But I don't think it's rude at all to remind people.
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    L'n-z wrote: »
    Question: Should a small business stay open as long as a customer feels like being in the store?

    If you're in a medium sized boutique (not tiny, not super posh and expensive, but not a chain) and the store closes at 7pm and you walk in at 6:55pm, do you consider it rude for the one person working to politely let you know the store closes soon?

    NO. I think it's rude that the person walked in at 6:55.

    What, the people at the store don't have lives? They don't have kids waiting to be picked up at daycare? They don't have dinner to make, they aren't rushing around trying to find time to spend with their family?? There's not enough time in a day, as it is.

    btw...L'n-Z... my tirade isn't directed at you. lol..
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    No, it is not IS rude of the person coming in at such a time and thinking that they can actually shop as long as they want.

    And speaking from experience, it's NEVER just one. All it takes is for a passerby to see that last customer and immediately want in, too. And after another passerby sees those two.....well, it just escalates from there. This would happen time and time again at the pharmacy where I worked.

    And at the places I worked, it was ALWAYS THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE. One family in particular lived right across the street from the store where I worked. We'd not see hide nor hair of them the entire day until the 'closed' sign was put up and the doors were locked.....then, lo and behold, you'd see them walking across the street to come to the store.

    Same thing w/the aforementioned pharmacy.....there was a family of customers with large, complicated med orders.......they would call all the refills in about 15 minutes before closing, but they lived about 45 minutes away. They did this EVERY! SINGLE! TIME!

    I have NO patience with this. NONE. I don't go into a shoe store 5 mins before closing unless it's for a specific item that I pick up and pay for immediately.....NOT to shop at leisure. What's the point of even having closing hours if the store never closes???
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    Should a small business stay open as long as a customer feels like being in the store?

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    I think a *small* business should be grateful for every customer and should at least be lenient. If no one walks through the door for an entire day, or you have had very few customers until 5 to closing time, then I think I'd not run that person out of the store. I mean, come on! :rolleyes:
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    Thanks for the feedback! If someone walks in just before closing time I always ask if they need help finding something. If you're in a rush, I will gladly help and make sure you get what you needed. But I too thought the dilly-dalliers needed a friendly reminder. My husband thought I was rude, so I was using the board to double check. :iconbiggrin:
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    I don't think it's rude at all. I remember having to stay 2 HOURS past closing time when I worked as the office manager at a furniture store. The customer walked in at 8:45 (we closed at 9) and wanted to purchase a houseful of furniture. We stayed because they were making such a large purchase, but then the guy was dillydallying on top of it. After about a half hour, I sent my staff home and just stayed myself so that we didn't all have to sit around waiting. I just didn't get why, if he knew he needed to shop for a while, he didn't come in earlier or on a weekend when he could take his time and not make people stay until 11 p.m. waiting on him.
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