Best organic products for oily skin?

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Hello! I'm new here so I apologize if i'm rehashing an old topic.

I started the natural curly routine for my hair and am quite happy with the results, and would now like to move on to natural, organic products for my skin, but have no idea where to start. I recently read an article that recommends vitamin A, C, and E for their restorative properties. I'm looking for a cleanser, a sunscreen and an anti-aging cream. Any recommendations?


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    This has helped my oily skin more than I can ever tell you.

    As far as sunscreen goes it's in my mineral make up so I don't have a separate everyday one.
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    hi zingarina, i would highly recommend you doing a search (advanced search) and read through a few old threads. there's a LOT of information on this board ;-) welcome!
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    You can find so many good organic skin care products on Etsy:

    And I love Lighthouse Minerals makeup, it's TRUE mineral makeup. She makes it herself, it's only good for your skin ingredients. It's the only stuff that doesn't make me break out. She might be expanding her new skin care line soon!
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