Drug store product for straigntening hair?

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Hi Ladies,
I got a haircut the other day, I decided to tell the hairdresser to blow it straight, she did an awesome job (I was a bit scared as no one can get it right---> straight or curly). I didn't want to spend the huge amount of cash on her products (no clue what they were other than a straightening gel and a shine serum) but I do want to buy some stuff as I can't just straighten my hair, it looks poofy even if well conditioned. I have some kind of blocker that I bought with my straightener (I think it was for the heat). I don't want to buy anything online as I need the stuff pretty quick...like now...;)

Do any of you have any drug store suggestions? WalMart or Walgreens or Sally's...I really appreciate it!

Oh, I am a 2C/3A (med coarse, thick)...mod-CG. I understand that the stuff I use will not be CG, I am ok with that. I need a good shampoo once a week anyway! Thanks!!!

Loving JC and CK products...:) Been loving them for 3 years...looking to branch out and try new things!!!


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    You could get the John Frieda weather proofing (you can get at Wal-greens, wal-mart, target)
    You can also get Nexxus Memory Sleek at any of those stores as well, they work well for straightening and keeping the frizz down.

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    You can buy serums and straightening gels/creams in any drugstore. I just buy whichever serum is at lowest price -- they all have the exact same ingredients, that is, silicone. (Do not buy a water-based one as that will give you frizz!) John Frieda's "Wind Down" is pretty good; I tried a Pantene one once that worked really well, too.
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    I just straightened last night and had good luck with CHI Silk Infusion. I also like Biosilk and Redken Heat Glide. All can be found at drugstores.
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