Salon Care conditioners??

hey. what does everyone think of these conditioners? CG safe?
I was thinking of trying the apple pear one.,default,pd.html

and look how huge they are :D
modified cg - 3a/3b - high porosity - fine hair tends to be flat!

Lowpoo: Organix coconut
Rinse-outs: Tresemme Naturals Moisture, GVPCB, Loreal Vive Pro Hydra Gloss, suave coconut or waterlily
Leave-in: Lustrasilk olive oil or shea butter cholesterol, aussie hair insurance, or regular conditioner
Stylers: Loreal Out of Bed Texturizer, LA looks sport or durahold max hold plus power + volume gel


  • jwill112876jwill112876 Posts: 205Registered Users
    WOW! Those are huge!

    I read the ingredients and nothing jumped out at me, but wait for some of the vets to look at it.

    I'll be waiting to see the responses!

    Jenn :)
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    2b ~ regularly
    2c ~ on a 'good' day
    Deva Products for Challenge
    co-wash ~ Suave coconut
    condish ~ BLCB
    style ~ JCRR & JCCC & BRHG
    clarify ~ BS rinse & ACV

    :love7:Currently jones-ing for KCCC & KCKT:love7:

  • sarahthewarriorsarahthewarrior Posts: 252Registered Users
    I'm pretty sure they're all CG, but I can vouch only for the Honey and Almond. I've been using it as a co-wash and leave-in. The consistency is similar to Suave, so don't bother if you're looking for something really nourishing.

    Definitely smell before you buy--mine smells like almond bars! I seem to recall that the cherry one smelled like Pepto-Bismol, so I passed. I was debating with the Apple Pear, so I think it smelled acceptable.
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    Co-Wash: Suave Wild Cherry Blossom Conditioner
    Rinse-Out: Giovanni TTTT Conditioner
    Leave-In: Suave Wild Cherry Blossom Conditioner
    Products: Clairol 3-in-1 Condition mousse with L.A. Looks Sport gel
    Fotki pw: curls Updated 9-4-09

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