Group order for European curlies

xandinhaxandinha Registered Users Posts: 2
So, I was all happy, walking my little virtual shopping cart filled with Oyin products to the Curlmart checkout. I get there, see the shipping prices, take my little cart out of line and leave the store. There was just no way I could justify spending more on shippping than on the price of the actual products.

Then I started thinking. What if a few European curlies get together and make a group order. That way, we can split shipping costs. We could divide up duties for what's easiest for certain people. For example, the post office is a two minute walk from my house and I bank there so we could have the products sent to my address and I would be able to send out other packages the next day. However, I don't have a paypal set up to receive funds, so maybe someone else can be in charge of collecting money. Or, I can figure out the paypal thing and do both parts.

Would anyone be interested in doing this?


  • lapushkalapushka Registered Users Posts: 601
    I think maybe with your single post... Isn't it a bit early for you to organize a group order? Nobody on this forum knows who you are and therefore this is a major risk for everyone.
  • xandinhaxandinha Registered Users Posts: 2
    Sorry, didn't mean to get ahead of myself. I have actually been lurking on naturallycurly for a few years but never registered as a member or posted because I didn't really feel I had anything to contribute to discussions. I never bought from curlmart before because, before moving to Europe, I lived in a major US city and could get any products I needed in the stores.

    I understand that people might be a bit skeptical about setting something like this up with someone they have never heard of before, but I thought it could enable those of us who would like to try out products that aren't easily available to do so without paying full shipping costs for something they're not sure they will like. I had no intentions other than trying to reduce the high shipping costs for myself and others.

    If no one is interested, that is not a problem. I can suck it up and pay the shipping for myself or I can wait until I go home for a visit and get things then. If someone is interested, though, I am not shady and have no desire to scam anyone.

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