No poo and coloring

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I go every 4 weeks to get my hair colored. If I try the no poo, my hairdresser will still have to shampoo the color out at those appointments. Will that ruin my no poo routine? Does anyone else have to deal with this?


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    As far as i know, you can always bring your own products with you to the salon, and just get them to use your own conditioner, or make sure that they don't use a shampoo with sulfates in them.
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    I always dye my own hair so I don't know about what they have to use at a salon but do they have to use a shampoo to get the dye out or can they just rinse it and use conditioner. You can just ask them if it has to be shampooed out if they say no then just tell them you don't use shampoo (you'll have to explain your reasons I'm sure) and then ask them to just use conditioner like a shampoo. If you have to use shampoo to get it out it's not the end of the world just go back to no poo when you wash your hair the next day

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