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I just got the curly girl book for my b-day on Saturday and after reading the entire thing I realized that I needed to make a lot of changes to my routine. I've been on NC for a few weeks and have not used shampoo for about a week. I know it takes patience and time but I wanted to get some opinions from girls who have been doing this a while.
Am I supposed to co-wash everyday? My hair isn't dry at all, but my scalp is and usually a leave-in weights down my hair with a greasy feeling, but without the leave-in it has no definition. I also use a gel on top of the the leave-in.
Also, getting rid of the blow dryer is going to be hard. I love when my hair has a ton of volume and the only way I can get it to have volume is to blow dry it in the morning. . .every morning. I've tried washing it at night and letting it air dry only to wake up in the morning with hair that looks like its squished to my head. Am I doing this right?
Will my hair have more natural volume once it gets used to the new routine? Maybe I use too much conditioner. What do some of you do to get more volume? I know this is a lot of questions but I'm kind of confused.

My CG method: Co-wash with Vo5 moisture milks, rinse, then put the same conditioner all over really heavy. I leave it in until the end of my shower and rinse completely out. Now I blot my hair with a towel so it's not dripping wet and put the same conditioner in as a leave-in, but only on the ends. On top of this I use Herbal Essences gel, I scrunch and go or dry. I do still blow dry because otherwise my hair is heavy and flat. I do this everyday. Any suggestions on why my hair looks worse, stringy, and super flat?


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    I'm new too but have learned that, no, you do not need to co-wash every day. I do it about 2 - 3 times a week.

    Also it sounds like you are using the same conditioner for everything (for co-wash, rinse out, and leave-in) and using it every day. Try changing up your conditioners. I have learned that a "good" routine won't be that great if you try to use it every day. It tends to go better I think because different conditioners give you different things (some more protein, some more oils, etc.) and deficiencies or surpluses in things aren't piling up, but are being balanced when you rotate. Does that make sense? A lot of curly girls on this site will attest to that -- rotating products works much better than using the same ones every day.

    About the leave-ins, maybe if your rinse-out is more conditioning, you'll find that you don't need one as much.

    For volume, I really don't know much about that, except to ask if you have tried plopping? It defines and encourages curl but may also help with volume. My hair is too short now to do it and I was never a huge fan of plopping when it was longer, but a lot of curly girls swear by it. Also, have you tried clipping your hair at the roots? There's a thread about it, where shelleynot on this site has a clipping video on her blog.
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    I don't think its bad to blow dry if you are using a diffuser and getting regular trims to get rid of any damage that the heat might cause.
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