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I decided this fall and winter since I don't wet my hair everyday to start using some heat so that I am not going out side with wet hair. My question is do your curls dry differently if you use a hair bonnet dryer versus a diffuser? Thanks in advance.

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    My hair seems to dry softer if I use a bonnet dryer...not sure why. I use to use a diffuser every other day until my hair was 80% took forever, even with a diffuser with ionic/ceramic technology.

    The Ionic bonnet dryer from Sally's, dries my hair in 20 minutes on the medium heat setting, and for some reason it looks a little more natural when it's first done. Also, I can finish on the cool setting like all the books tell you to, without having to do much work.

    Plus, the other benefit of the bonnet dryer is that you can multi-task...I read for school while I'm under it, instead of standing over the sink with the diffuser staring blankly into the mirror for 30-40 minutes :shock:

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    I've tried both but I get better results with the diffuser because I can control it better. When I put the bonnet drier I never can put it on so it doesn't disturb my hair.
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