Do You Oil Your Scalp?

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I've been using ORS Olive Oil for close to three weeks to oil my scalp while twisting my hair at night but have discovered that it is a bit oily for my taste. I'm on a mission to find something new but wanted to know what/whether other transitioners oil their scalps, and if so, what do you use?


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    I, too, find that leaving any oil in my scalp is too much. I prefer to do a hot oil treatment.

    I mix olive oil, tea tree oil (for my seborrhea) and grapeseed oil (about half an ounce altogether). I heat it in hot water, then apply it to my scalp. I leave it for 5-10 minutes, then rinse it out.

    You might want to experiment to see what mixtures work best for you. (Jojoba oil is good to mix in with your olive oil, too.)

    Hope this helps and have a beautiful day! :flower:
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    I use castor oil to oil my scalp. I mix it with sublimed sulfur for the extra growth. It leaves my scalp moisturized, stops itching, and leaves my hair really soft.
    I tried to go w/o oiling my scalp to see how my scalp reacted, it was not happy. With castor oil you only have to use a little because its so thick. Im sure your scalp will love it, if not then coconut oil seems to work for everyone who does not like castor oil.
    Make sure the castor oil is cold pressed and castor oil should be the only ingredient. I got mine from the vitamin shoppe for 7.99, they sell coconut oil too.
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    I've fallen off track with this but I used to use either coconut oil-straight from the jar; or I mixed grapeseed oil, aloe vera gel, and a couple drops of rosemary. I applied at night (too oily for me during the day) and cowashed in the morning.
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    I EVOO my hair maybe every 3-4 days & use as a supplement to my Conditioner. I also use safflower oil & mix it in with the EVOO. Other times, I 'll put glycerin in with the EVOO & use also to maintain & as an extra boost to manage my hair-esp when frizzy.

    A word of caution tho'-like EVOO- glycerin is slick. Slicker. I sometimes think I have not overdone 'oiling'.., then soemthing happens. Glycerin is so thick- it takes a long time to start running down my temples, nape, neck & forehead. When it does, I get irked so much when this happens & I'm not in the bath/shower, as the oily-ness catches me off guard. Hmmph!
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    Oiling my scalp is very important to me so I do it everyday since am trying to grow out my hair the indian way :blob8: I also use herbal wash instead of shampoos.

    I use Amla oil every night and co-wash it next morning if I feel like it. I know the oil might stink at first but lol I got used to it.

    I then have coconut oil called Parachute, which smells yummy. I add that with my conditioner just before I leave the shower and leave it in my hair.

    Since am wearing my hair in a bun I don't find it greasy or oily and even if I do I wouldn't bother coz boosting growth is my goal.

    I also have another oil mixture that I've made with Olive oil, Amla, Vitka coconut oil. This one I have in a small tiny bottle that has an easy access to my scalp. I use this oil after my gym work-out and stay with it for 25mins in the sauna =)

    Mmmm it may sound like I use a lot of oils, but I can't live without them and my hair isn't oily at all or even dry its normal I'd say.
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  • c.ptfemmec.ptfemme Registered Users Posts: 67
    I did a lot in the winter with coconut and jojoba oil. Other than that I just oil my scalp when I do my pre-wash or oil treatments. Sometimes I'll massage my scalp with oils but not too often.
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  • afrodominican1afrodominican1 Registered Users Posts: 650
    when i first went natural that whole year i didnt oil my scalp. it was okay not to do so bcause i cowashed everyday. Now that im doing protective styles and trying to grow my hair out, I use coconut oil on my scalp. As im parting to do my twists i add the oil to my scalp then add some to the section of hair im going to twist. then on the third day of twists i re oil my scalp. the key is to use only what is necessary. i try not to over do it. HTH![/COLOR]
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    Never. Only my hair. If I'm a few days without wetting my hair I'll spray some [buylink=]Curl Junkie Curl Fuel[/buylink] or Twinlabs NaPCA spray on the scalp near roots.
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    When I trans'ed I only lightly oiled scalp with Coconut Oil, Olive Oil or Jojoba oil, often infused with stuff like amla and hibiscus, and put some on the length and then waited 1 hr or overnight and then washed out oil. Did on wash day or day before wash day, not everyday.
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