i lightened my too dark henna :)

misfitcurlsmisfitcurls Posts: 736Registered Users Curl Novice
sorry it took so long to post this!

before (i was being silly and made a stirrrer stick mustache at the bar, sorry best pic i could find!)

after (roots are still a little lighter, I may do another gloss on roots only when i do my eyebrows...)

i used a 20 volume with a neutral powder lightener and mixed it 1:1 with shampoo. left it on for about 45 minutes (30 just ends 15 roots and ends) then rinsed it all out and slathered it with generic conditioning balm. hair doesnt feel too fried at all. i waited a day (left condish in my hair that day) then i did a gloss.
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  • mpgirlmpgirl Posts: 1,163Registered Users
    I like it. It's brighter. I wish I was having as much success with henna. It doesn't cover enough of my grays. I'm probably going back to chemical processing.
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    That looks beautiful! I am still toying with the idea of putting random streaks throughout (I've never prided myself on a nice, conventional look, lol), and I have a few highlighting kits that have been sitting in the cabinet forever. My roots need a henna anyway, so maybe I'll give it a go this weekend...freak my DH out a bit...
  • qimissungqimissung Posts: 211Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I like how it turned out, very nice. I really enjoy the color my hair got with a henna/cassia mix.
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    you have gorgeous hair! the color is awesome!
    para los gustos se hicieron los colores

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