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I am looking for a facial moisturizer that is good for very dry skin. Hoping to find one that has some shea and or mango butter. I was interested in getting the alba hawaiian aloe and green tea moisturizer but it looks like they re-formulated it and now it doesn't have mango or shea anymore.
any suggestions?

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    Darby, I like C.O. Bigelow moisturizer. It goes on smoothly and keeps my skin nice and soft. It also reduces redness.

    I don't believe it contains mango or shea butter so I don't know if you'd be interested. Just throwing it out there. If you ever decide to try it I think mine came from Bath & Body Works. It was a gift.
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    There are many different shea butter moisturizers on Ebay. The brand I've been using for many months now is from this ebay store
    They have lots of different shea butter products. Very reasonably priced, full of good ingredients. And they come in dozens of luscious scents. Right now I'm using chocolate mousse and vanilla cream.
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    I don't know if this will help, but just thought I'd throw it in there! I've been using Olay Total Effects, which I really like. However, I had the bright idea to add a drop of jojoba oil to my dollop of lotion, mix and smear that over my face. All I can say is wow! They both worked ok, but together, they work very well! Feels like silk smoothing over my face! Should work with any moisturizer.
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    Yes, that does help alot. In fact I ended up keeping the alba hawaiian aloe and green tea and then stopped at the health food store and got some shea and mango butter and I plan on adding that to my moisturizer. Making it more moisturizing and tailoring it to my needs. I thought about getting some jojoba oil too but that's already in my moisturizer.
    Thanks for all the recs -- if this doesn't work, I'll be checking into all those. Except for the real expensive ones :)
    I'm still using my expensive one for nighttime use. I LOVE the stuff but I would like something less expensive.

    Natural hair color - dark brunette
    Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b

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