Very distraught..any suggestions

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I love my curls, but am always disappointed in my hair. I have type 3b hair, which I recently cut very short. I always wear my hair up in a pony, and I wish I couuld wear it down, and actually have it look nice. However, it always frizzes, no matter what the weather, it is very damaged, and the back always proofs out. Any suggestions, that might help fix these problems?


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    my hair used to be very frizzy too and i used to get so upset that it would look so cute damp and so ugly dry. but then i started using gel to tame it and now all the curls stay perfectly in place. if your hair is dry i wouldnt recommend a gel with alcohol because alcohol dries out curls. and always keep hair moisturized with a leave in or use oil to seal in the moisture.hope this helped
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    I don't know what your hair routine is but are you CG? It has helped me to get a lot of moisture back into my hair. It is also really important that you find some good conditioners that work for your hair- moisture is key! There are tons of options so search around on the boards for reviews.
    I know it's frustrating when your hair just doesn't seem to cooperate but start experimenting and you will find something that works. Good luck!
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    When do you wash and dry your hair? I find I get the best results if I wash it and let it air dry in the evening. If I sleep on it it gets frizzy unless I plop while I am sleeping.
    Try using gel and mousse to tame it like mentioned above. Good luck!!!

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    I wash my hair every other day. But, I only use conditioner. I heard shampoo shouldn't be used? Does anyone else only use conditioner?

    I have just gotten so sick of everyone making fun of my curly hair. I just wish I had could make it look really good, to prove that curly hair can be beautiful, not a pain.
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    Yeah, I only use conditioner. However, some conditioners contain 'cones, which require the nasty sulfates in shampoo to git out. You should definitely check the ingredients in the conditioner you're using. If anything ends in -cone, -conol, or -xane, then it's a silicone, and you need to wash your hair with shampoo one last time to git those out. Then start using a conditioner without any of those cones. The Suave Naturals line is really good, and so is VO5. I, personally, use Suave Naturals.

    Do you know anything about CG? It's really helped me. My hair looks so much better now than it did before I went CG. You can read about it here:

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    Sure. If you are having poofy hair, maybe using a deep treatment could help. Some of these products are hard to find in the stores that may be near your house. But my guess is you might have one two many "regular brands" and it might be damaging your hair. Often times unmanageable hair is a sign that your hair is lacking in something. Feels healthy, Hair is manageable, and Curls are defined, three steps to to knowing your hair is getting better.
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