Are Digital scales more sensitive?

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I just bought a new scale. The one I'm replacing is analog and about 15 years old. Now that I'm losing at a rate of only 1 or 2lbs per week, it's harder to see how much the needle has moved. But the digital scale has me at 15lbs :shock: heavier than the analog one. So I weighed a 5lb sack of sugar and the scales were only about .6lbs apart.

So do you think that the old scale is that much out of calibration, or that the digital one is that much more sensitive to the fact that I'm fully dressed?


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    I threw my digital scale out because of such the difference between the traditional scale and the digital one.

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    My analog one had me at 6 pounds lighter than my doctor's office, whereas the digital one only has me 3 pounds less--3 pounds = my clothes. So from my experience, digital are more accurate. Compare the scales to your weight at the doctor's--which is closer?

    ETA: was the 15lbs your first step on the scale? If digital scales are moved/picked up, etc., the first weight on it is typically incorrect--the scale has to readjust.
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