springier curls when hair is wet

Most people seem to get more shrinkage as their hair dries, but that is not the case for my hair. Does this mean anything (lack of / too much moisture / protein, etc) ? I would prefer tighter, springier curls when my hair is dry.
mostly 3a. a little 2c and 3b.
fine/thin, but lots of it.


  • goldilocks036goldilocks036 Posts: 52Registered Users
    mostly 3a. a little 2c and 3b.
    fine/thin, but lots of it.
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    Do you diffuse? The problem might be that the water weight pulls out your curls.
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    My hair only shrinks with certain products. Most of the time, it dries like it is after I've applied products and scrunched with curl towel.

    If your hair elongates, as it dries, masa_inn's hypothesis is the one I would suggest, too.

    ETA: Just noticed that your hair is permed??? Not sure chemically treated hair would act the same. But the weight could be pulling out the curl.
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    I just bought a diffuser the other day actually. I've been really stubborn about that because I like to be able to just put some product in and then let it dry on its own, but it turns out it doesn't take as long as I thought it would. It does make quite a difference :)

    I understand that the weight of the water was probably pulling out the curl, but I was confused as to why they spring up more easily *with* the weight of the water... You'd think it'd be the other way around.

    And yes, I do have permed hair. One difference I've noticed is that sometimes my hair has looser curls towards the ends, as opposed to my previous unpermed hair that curled more at the ends. I assume it's because the waving solution reaches the outermost hair on the rod first, leaving the roots more time to soak in the solution than the ends.
    I'm thinking of asking them to leave it on a bit longer next time... Do you think that would make a difference in the overall tightness of the curls?
    mostly 3a. a little 2c and 3b.
    fine/thin, but lots of it.

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