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I know that there are other deva threads but I also have some questions. I use the no-poo and low-poo, oneC and have been trying different mixtures of Arc and Angell. I have also been using set it free. I have very fine 2a/3a. Does anyone have any good recommendations? Some times it seems like my curls want to relax more, I really can't afford to get any new products until I use these up.
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    Before reading you last line, I was going to suggest using something else. If it's not working for you, you can always sell or trade it on the swap board. That way, you can move on to something that might work for you.
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    i tried this line
    and dont really care for it
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    I also have fine hair and what worked for me is to rotate One C with another conditioner- maybe try to alternate it with one of the Suave or VO5 conditioners (they are very inexpensive). I also can't use Set it Free on wet hair- I only use it on occassion for a touch up. When I used it on wet hair it made my hair greasy looking.
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    I have fine hair too - I would say back off the OneC a bit, if I leave any in I just put it on the ends. The Set it Free works best for me if I spary just a tad (no more than 3 sprays) in my hands and scrunch. The Angell and ArcAngell are my favorite gels because they don't weigh me down at all.

    Wishing you a good experience!
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    Yeah, see, I think the reason the DevaCurl line works so well for me is because I have the opposite problems that you have. My hair is very coarse and very thick, so the heaviness of the DevaCurl line works beautifully for me - those are my favorites. ArcAngell is my favorite gel, because it has so much of a harder hold to it. If your hair is finer, you may want to try just using regular Angell, since it's a more medium hold.

    DevaCurl may just not be the hair care line for you - it happens, there are plenty of CG stuff that didn't work for me either. The good news is that there are lots of great ones to try.

    A very light one that you might like (and I have it in my signature) is the Desert Essence Bodybuilding Jojoba conditioner. VERY cheap, about $5 or $6 at Whole Foods or any other healthfood store. It's really lightweight - I actually use it as a co-wash since I need a heavier formula for my regular conditioner. But it's light enough that it may work well for you since your hair is fine.
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    I have fine hair and use no-poo, one C and Angell quite a bit.
    I only use the set it free to perk up my hair.

    I wash with no -poo rinse and use a very small amount of One C , comb through and let it set a minute while in the shower. Then I rinse out all the one c. While in the shower I wrap my hair in a microfiber turban until I'm finished and dried off. Right before I leave the bathroom, I scrunch a palmful of Angell in my hair, while stand upright and then bending over from the waist. Clip the crown and let it dry.
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    Thanks I'll try those suggestions, especially less OneC, my hair has been limp lately and I'm getting sick of it.
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