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i haven't permed for a year. (yay! ) yesterday i went in for a cut, but it didn't work out. the beautician didn't agree with me cutting ALL the perm out b/c the front of my head takes longer to grow than the back and i only have about 1.5-2 inches in the front grown out. whereas in the back and middle i have like 3-4 inches.. i don't mind going short...but she looked like she'd have a heart attack if i cut it off. what is the best thing to do in this situation? should i go ahead and get a short cut all around or should i give the front more time? if so...any tips on managing half permed, half unpermed hair?

also, would braids be a good idea? I was talking to my friends and they suggested i should get braids instead of just cutting....
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    i read that if the braids are too tight they can damage your hair
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    I have been transitioning with braids and as long as they are not done to tight there will not be damage. Also, it is not necessarily good to put in micros bc they are so amll and are bad on the hair. If you get braids....consider twists, box braids, or conrows. The bigger braids are better bc it's not as much stress on the hair strands. If you are confident in cutting your hair go ahead.....I'm not comfortable with short so I would get braids. You coulkd still cut it and then get braids though.

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