American Idol Group 1 (Spoiler Added)

cyndicyndi Registered Users Posts: 3,341
WOW! I'm really impressed, these first 3 can really sing! I hope the rest of the of the group is just as good! The little 16 year old who opened the show is adorable!
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I think that I deceive genius.:happy10:


  • SpringcurlSpringcurl Registered Users Posts: 8,002
    I'm voting for several people, so I couldn't use your poll.

    I love Fantasia the best of everybody. Second was Diana. Those are my top two, anyway.

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  • marielle448marielle448 Registered Users Posts: 1,823
    I voted as follows:

    1. Diana - sounds like Taylor Dane or Anastasia, awesome performance

    5. Erskin - smooth

    6. Jennifer - okay performance, awesome potential

    8. Fantasia - she's like a female Elvis
  • cyndicyndi Registered Users Posts: 3,341
    Just vote for your top pick...let's see if the NC top two are the same as America's top two!
    I think that I deceive genius.:happy10:
  • munchkinmunchkin Registered Users Posts: 2,909 Curl Connoisseur
    Your poll wouldn't let me vote for some reason. I voted for Diana three times hoping she gets one of the two spots. BUT, I also voted for Fantasia because I think she absolutely was the best. Besides having the best voices, they both seemed so comfortable on stage.

    This group as a whole put a lot of the top 10 from last year to shame.

    OK, your poll did let me vote after I posted the above.
  • MichelleMichelle Administrator Administrators Posts: 742 Administrator
    I agree with Munchkin. The caliber of singing is so much better this time. I think Fantasia is amazing. She's got such a unique sound a a cool attitude. Diana is incredible too, especially for someone so young. I think Marque is gorgeous and has real stage presence. I heard Paula say that the girls this time are incredible.

    I'm already addicted.

  • CGNYCCGNYC Registered Users Posts: 4,938 Curl Connoisseur
    I thought all of the guys were weak. I wasn't wild about smiley - she has a nice voice but watching her is dull. I also didn't like the girl who sang "Crazy." Five thousand people have sung that song that exact same way, does there need to be another? Do something different. And cheerleader - did we learn nothing from the Frim Fram Sauce? Jazz is great, but on AI it's just weird.

    I'm all about Jennifer and then Fantasia.

    I wish they would pick more interesting or exciting or less blah songs. I get bored pretty easily.
  • Kelly!Kelly! Registered Users Posts: 21
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fantasia! Such a different sound. It's sorta Macy Gray-ish, but much stronger. It's like Patti Labelle meets Macy Gray. I love it and I love her personality. Hopefully America feels the same way.

    I also like Jennifer (can't think of her last name). Such a pretty girl with a powerful voice. I don't think she chose a song, though, that really showcased what she can do without going over the top.

    The other girls .... blah.

    The guys... My aunt knows Erskine. He has a nice voice but comes across very blah in personality, though. I think he lacks a certain kind of charisma that he needs to catch people's eye.

    The one really cute guy has a nice rock voice. Wonder if there's a spot in Creed for him....

    I think Fantasia and Jennifer will be chosen tomorrow. Fantasia definitely, and if Jennifer isn't chosen, I believe she'll be a wild card pick.
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  • CanItBeChristineCanItBeChristine Registered Users Posts: 6,343
    I really liked Katie tonight...she's so cute and I loved her performance, but that's the kind of music that I like, so she's probably not right for the show.

    Erskin (sp?) was great and looked gorgeous and seems sweet. I like his smile.

    I LOVED Matthew last week, and thought he was cute and entertaining this week...I like the sound of his voice.
  • BritBrit Registered Users Posts: 4
    Marque is gorgeous and i love his voice. i even loved him when he did his audition.

    I don't understand the Fantasia thing. I can hear that she does sound a little like Macy Gray (who I do like), but I was just not impressed with her. What is with that little bouncing thing she does while singing? I do agree that she is unique and seems to have a nice personality, but I just can't stand her stage presence and her voice didn't wow me.

    Oh, the first girl, the 16 year old, she is a great singer and performer. i definitely see her making it big at some point with or without AI.
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  • MizK9MizK9 Registered Users Posts: 16
    Fantasia, is incredible! Her voice really stood out (unique & powerful)–and a personality to match. Diana is also great for a 16 year old. Marque is adorable & a voice to match.

    I agree with the others…these first 8 are much better than last years contestants.

    Bring it on!
  • curlyKarcurlyKar Registered Users Posts: 4
    I voted for a couple people as well so I couldn't use your poll. I think all of them are really talented. Diana was awesome. I enjoyed Katie's performance as well. I like Matthew. His singing wasn't really strong last night but he definetely has a charisma about him and great stage presence. Plus he's adorable! :D
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  • munchkinmunchkin Registered Users Posts: 2,909 Curl Connoisseur
    Our little poll is showing Fantasia and Diana winning (which is who I personally think it should be). Surprisingly, I was on another site (think maybe msn or msnbc... can't remember) and Fantasia and Katie were winning with Diana and Jennifer (I believe) following.

    I sure hope if Diana doesn't make it that she gets in as a wild card.
  • cyndicyndi Registered Users Posts: 3,341
    Ok....we'll see if it's Diana and Fantacia!!
    I think that I deceive genius.:happy10:
  • cyndicyndi Registered Users Posts: 3,341
    Poor erskine didn't get any votes!
    I think that I deceive genius.:happy10:
  • cyndicyndi Registered Users Posts: 3,341
    Damn, we're! :lol:

    Diana and Fantasia win the spots!
    I think that I deceive genius.:happy10:

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