Does hair color make hair look thicker?

hipchickhipchick Posts: 350Registered Users
I have fine hair and I am thinking about coloring my hair to make it look thicker. Does color increase hair thickness?


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    Yes, it can thicken the hair shaft a bit. But I don't think the potential damage is worth it. I know some people can color and not have much or any damage at all but it can still cause damage.
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    It *can*, but IMHO unless you are having some other problem, I wouldn't risk it. The microscopic gain is more than offset by the potential damage. You can get "neutral" hair color which is supposed to boost shine, but keep in mind that the same stuff that's used in the developer for color is also some of the same stuff that's used in 1) hair removers and 2) relaxers.
  • hipchickhipchick Posts: 350Registered Users
    I recall the last time I got highlights my fine hair looked fuller but it was also very dry as a result of the chemicals that were used. Maybe I should just leave it alone and avoid the damage coloring does to it.
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    Yes, I think it makes hair somewhat thicker. And yes, most hair color is very drying and causes damage. But I switched to Robert Craig color over a year or two ago and it does not dry or damage my hair at all. My hair is shinier and smoother when I use it. The drugstore colors I used to use, as well as the more expensive ones my stylist used when I had my color done at the salon, made my hair feel like straw. Not the case with Robert Craig. I wouldn't hesitate at all to color with RC if you want to.
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