Getting Hair Colored Tomorrow

WhatsaCHIWhatsaCHI Posts: 54Registered Users
Hey! I'm getting my hair colored tomorrow, I was wondering if there is any prep work I should do before then to make it less harsh on my hair (like deep treatment or something). Thank you!
A natural light redhead 3B... but for now a dark auburn 3A trying to get my hair back to "normal" and long...

Started CG 1/12/09

*Never* touching my CHI again..:dontknow:

My favs so far is the DevaCurl line.. minus the B'leavin.. it makes my hair tooo dry feeling and stringy!


  • morrighumorrighu Posts: 707Registered Users
    If you're going to have your hair colored tomorrow, you're a bit late. You should have done your deep treament a couple of days ago. You really shouldn't even get your hair wet for 24 hours BEFORE you color and for at least 72 hours afterwards.

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