Is it possible to dye individual curls?

SephirothsChild15SephirothsChild15 Posts: 208Registered Users
I want to dye individual curls Aqua -- what do I do?

Any brand? Or how to bleach or seperate the curls?
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  • morrighumorrighu Posts: 707Registered Users
    It is but this is something that's probably best done by a pro, because you kinda can't do that with the back of your head by yourself. There are various ways to do it and since you're not one of the multi-armed Hindu goddesses, I'd advise you take yourself to a salon and explain to the stylist what you want done.

    In "stylist-speak", what you are asking for is a custom set of high lights and low-lights, done on dry hair on a curl by curl basis. Any stylist with the intelligence higher than your tennis shoes should grok that statement and tell you if they can accomodate you or not.

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