Which of these is more likely to get me into tip-top shop

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I look toned for some reason, its just my natural body type I think, but my cardio fitness level is not that great - just average I guess. I want to get into super shape - don't want to lose weight but want to get really hard and buffed. What is the most effective cardio out of these:



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    All three of those are great exercise, and will yield different results. I know you've started cycling - which is awesome. Here's my analysis of the three:

    spinning - burns lots of calories, will tone/define your legs and possibly bulk them up

    running - burns moderate amount of calories (totally depends on your pace), will help you shed fat that is covering your muscles so you will appear more toned, will tone/define leg muscles without bulking up

    kickboxing - burns lots of calories, will tone and define just about all muscle groups without bulk, i find kickboxing to be a great full body workout
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    what is spinning?
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    Spinning is a group exercise class done on a stationary bike. But the bike they use is different than just a regular old stationary bike, but I'm not sure how best to describe the difference.

    Here's a Spinning bike:

    And here's a more traditional stationary bike you'd find in a gym, just not in a spinning class:

    I used to do spinning and it's a WAY better workout than just riding a regular bike. But of course, how good the workout is depends on the teacher, the tension level you set on the bike, and your energy for that day.
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    oh! i think i've used one before. does it tell you how many calories you burned? I've always wanted to know how many calories i've burnt and i'm left clueless. I don't use machines.
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    cycling (spinning) is a great form of cardio that is gentle on your knees and you don't have to worry about choreography (if that's not your thing) so i say cycling 3 days a week plus strength training will do the job....i don't get any bulk w/ cycle and if you find an instructor or instructors that you like the time will fly by and you'll get a great workout! you can burn between 400-800 calories per hour in cycle. make sure your form is good. the seat may hurt at first but if you're sitting correctly it'll go away after a few rides. even if you choose cycle as your primary exercise cross-train w/ some time on the treadmill or by using the step mill.

    **note** - i'm biased because i'm a cycle instructor.
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