Are Condoms the Solution?

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In the Wednesday March 18 Philly Inquirer, there was an article about the Pope's first visit to Africa.(please note that I am in no way bashing Pope Benedict XVI.) He was questioned about the AIDS pandemic and responded that condoms would only make the AIDS problem worse. Instead, he stressed abstinence until marriage and monogamy after marriage, which are both ideal, but unrealistic solutions to this international crisis since it is widely known and understood that unmarried people have sex and some married people have extra-marital sex.

"A CDC survey of high school students in 2007 found that nearly half admitted to having had sexual intercourse...9.1 million adolescents and young adults were infected with STDs for the first time in 2000," according to the Inquirer. 67 percent of all people living with AIDS are Sub-Saharan Africans.

HIV/AIDS is a real problem that the entire world is facing. Discussion and education should not be avoided simply because it's an uncomfotable subject. We have to be realistic in the way we approach the issue of HIV/AIDS. People who have sex need to be responsible no matter their age, religion, gender or marital status. We should be truthful with ourselves about our behavior and the fact that teens are having sex.
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    It's not surprising the Pope made those statements. That is how the Catholic church views things. They are not one to advocate for safer sex practices. For them sex is for marriage and marriage only. If people waited until marriage to have sex there is less chance of transmitting or getting the disease. I don't say no chance because currently there are quite a few children who get the disease from their mothers. They may abstain from sex (provided they survive to an age where they can have sex) but still be able to pass it along.

    I think condoms are part of the solution. The biggest obstacle is education. Attitudes need to be changed and the people educated about how the disease spreads. Then if they choose to participate in sex they can do so safely.
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    In the Catholic religion, sex isn't just for marriage... it's just for procreation. Which is simply unrealistic for the world population. Condoms are the simplest method to combat most sexually transmitted diseases and viruses, but since it prevents baby-age from happening (or at least from having the potential to happen), condoms are therefore bad.

    Needless to say, I think that's moronic.
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