straightening tips?

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any tips on straightening?


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    I just dry with a regular towel and then comb through with a wide tooth comb, apply leave in conditioner and a heat protectant, dry and then straighten.
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    After getting out of the shower, I squeeze a little bit of water out and wrap my hair up in a towel. After I'm done putting on lotion, moisturizer, etc. I remove the towel and spray with a heat protectant and add a little bit of serum to help with frizzies. I either air dry or blow dry with a round brush. Sometimes I'll put some Chi Silk Infusion before I use a big barrel curling or flat iron. Just a tiny bit. Chi silk infusion does have non-soluble silicones. After I'm done curling or using the flat iron, I add a tiny bit of coconut oil to make it look more shiny. A little goes a long way.

    Hope this helps.
  • j-jill. j-jill. Registered Users Posts: 147
    I know! I too haven't straightened it for a while.. It'll feel odd if I straighten it haha. ^_^
    Hair Type: 2b/2c (:

  • RupertsWifeRupertsWife Registered Users Posts: 492
    I straightened today after over a year of natural hair. Man, I love the way it looks but I HATE the way it feels. My hair currently feels like straw in the back and my ends are angry at me. Remembering back to my straightening days though, I know that the first day of straightening was always a little rough, and then by day 2 things calmed down a bit. I'm honestly not sure if I really like it, I LOVE The length though. Maybe I should just get curly extensions and leave it be. I just really miss my length.
    Anyway, if you do decide to straighten, make sure your hair is completely 100% dry before using an iron. I kind of forgot about that part and had to go over some sections more than once probably causing unnecessary damage.

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    I straightened last night after going 2 months curly. At first i had the same questions, but i decided to do everything CG style as far as not using the terry towel, applying a leave in, - spray a bit of heat protectant (i used the GVP Thermal Protectant Spray- compared to Chi, which i believe is CG) and let air dry for a couple hours. when it dried, i sprayed some more heat protectant and just flat ironed it out. Came out nice and shiney and soo soft. Wow my hair GREW in 2 month!!!!!!!!!!
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    Leave ins- Garnier S&S; Marrakesh oil
    style with - Ohm SHP; KCCC- BRHG or Boots- KCCC- BRHG; CIAB; CCCC
    Protein- GVP Joico K-Pak
    Play with ACV
  • l.deonl.deon Registered Users Posts: 235 Curl Neophyte
    I'm having a blast with my hair straight today! I just straightened 2 nights ago after going 3 months curly and after having layers cut back in February. My hair has already grown back out a few inches past bra strap length, which amazes me. I need to find a good proten treatment to keep it healthy though. Any suggestions?
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    Co wash- Trader Joes Nourish Spa
    Leave in- Shea Moisture Shea Butter leave- in, Elucence
    Gel- BRHG

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