Dominican Roller Set/Blow-Out On Natural Hair

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Hi ladies,
I was just wondering if any of you have ever had this done as an alternative to occasional flat ironing natural hair. If so, will this process stop the natural kinks/curls from coming back? I know there is a lot of heat involved with silky straight results. I'm just wondering. I am still transitioning of course, but when I am done, I'd like to have my hair non-chemically straightened maybe once every 4 to 6 weeks, but ONLY if it doesn't change/damage my natural curl pattern (mine appears to be more on the kinky/small wave side so far...I guess).
Also, can a silk wrap be done on natural hair?


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    well as i am transitioning i have never done it on 100% natural hair. but i have done a domincan blowout on my transitioning hair and my hair bounced back no problem. just make sure they use a heat protectant and do it as seldom as possible. HTHs

    i have done a wrap only after my hair was straightened.
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    I'm completey natural (about 10yrs), I haven't had this done but I've heard they apply ALOT of heat to your hair to get it bone straight. I've seen on other discussion boards where people said they're hair wouldn't snap back after going to a hair dresser to get it blown out.

    So I think it depends on your hair type,how often you get it done, and of course the level of heat they apply. I flat iron my hair @ hm w/a ceramic tourmaline iron and lately don't go above 350 degrees. Before I was going as high as 450 and noticed that my curls were getting too loose and frizzy plus my hair had a burnt smell to it that wold take just about 2 shampoos to get it out. If you like to straighten your hair alot I would recommend maybe every other month. To give your hair break in between. Especially in the summer time you may want to wear it natural more often because of the heat. Hope this helps....
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    I'm completey natural (about 10yrs), I haven't had this done but I've heard they apply ALOT of heat to your hair to get it bone straight. I've seen on other discussion boards where people said they're hair wouldn't snap back after going to a hair dresser to get it blown out.

    I would get my relaxer done at a dominican salon and remember thinking, is blowing out the roots and burning my scalp after an hour under the dryer with rollers really necessary?? I just got a freaking touch-up, the hair is straight enough as it is, lol!!
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    IMO Dominican hair salons know what they are doing! They know how to do every hair! OF COURSE, some stylers are better than others, so if you've been recommended by someone, make sure you use the same stylist. When i used to blow out my hair by Dominicans, my hair would always curl back after i washed my hair. However, i have way too much hair and my hair is difficult to blow out so they were charging me $35+ BEFORE the economy issue! If i went back now, they'd probably charge $45! Anyways, i never did the roller cause it took like, 2 hrs to fully dry than like, 45 minutes more to blow out, so i would do straight blowing out. They know how to get your hair right so they dont need to go over the same strand tooo many times. Since this was getting expensive for me, i bought a flat iron and started straightening like that. I did that for a while... and my hair has NEVER curled the same... :crybaby:.

    some people say that Dominicans OD. But if you are caught between flat ironing and blowing it by Dominicans, i say get it blown out! It is way better on your hair than the latter. Get a deep treatment while your there too!
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    Thanks! I think I will just stick to the occasional flat iron! Lol. I'm not that great at flat ironing/rolling my own hair, so I will just go to my usual salon on those days and continue to stresssss I don't want it bone straight. (probably only once every month or two) I am probably a mix of 4a and 3c. Mostly 4a. I think the 3c parts bounce back faster than the 4a. When I used to get a relaxer, the curl would still come back a bit to the 3c parts, but not so much with the 4a sections. Once I am done transitioning, I heard there is a great place in Atlanta for natural women and they give hair/product consultations. Hopefully that will help and I won't have to waste money trying out a million products! I'm cheap sometimes! Lol.
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    I havent had a problem and I go every week to get it straightened in the winter and its just as curly as before. My only concern are my ends, but I havent seen a problem yet.
    Yes, I live in Atlanta and Urbanbella does free consultations with purchase of $50 products, I believe.

    KristenJames salon does AMAZING cuts on all types of hair.
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    Hi Ladies,

    I have noticed a difference in my hair since I started going to the Dominicians. It is beautiful when I leave the salon but a few days after it is done my hair gets very very oily and limp without me putting any oils or anything in my hair.:crybaby: All I do is simply wrap it or roll it and even when roling my hair it does not hold a curl very well, all it does is just become very limp and fine. Please help! I would like to find something to help my thinning hair.:help:

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