100% Coconut Oil

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I bought 100% coconut oil and using it on my daughter`s hair who has 4a/4b hair type. It really does seem heavy on her although feels a bit softer ( but still frizzy) than before when I was using aqueous cream for her hair. I use it as a conditioner and rinse it out then use the Curly Q custard for her curls. I therefore need some help of what I can mix it with to make it a bit lighter.


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    Have you tried mixing some in her conditioner or shampoo? I used a mixture of pure coconut & castor oil in my conditioner (not the one I co-wash with, the DT or after wash) earlier this week with excellent results. Rinsed it totally out. Texture and moisture were very enhanced and when dry my hair also looked and felt good. This morning I put oil in my non-sulfate shampoo and it also worked great. A little oconut oil on my dry hair at night is good because it absorbs quickly and is a detangler. I would never, ever put castor oil on dry hair, though.
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    I tried coconut oil a few times, but I have fine, wavy hair and it's just too heavy for me. I've retired the bottle to the kitchen, where I now use it for cooking, and switched over to jojoba oil and avacado oil for my hair. Jojoba is very light and the avacado oil a bit heavier - I use the avacado for deep overnight treatments, and I mix a little jojoba in with liquid aloe and distilled water to make a spray that keeps my hair hydrated on hot days. I've also added sunscreen to one bottle of the mix, which works great on my scalp. The nice thing about both avacado and jojoba is that they don't nearly smell as strongly as the coconut oil, and whatever smell there is gets easily drowned out by a drop or two of essential oil.
    I know a lot of people adore their coconut oil, and I was sad to realize that my hair just isn't curly enough or dry enough to take on something that heavy. It would take me three or four washes to really get all the oil out, which seemed to defeat the purpose.
    If my ends are very dry, I have a tin of shea butter that I use on my hair as an overnight treatment, too. Washes out much easier than the coconut oil, and my husband doesn't complain about sharing the bed with a pina colada!
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