Combination Skin

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What's your skincare regimen :?:
3a/3b mix
5 year HG's:
-L'oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture creme
-Ouidad Climate Control gel


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    Hey, I'm glad you posted this cuz I wanna know too. I like to use a gentle anti-bacterial cleanser, but I'm using Stridex gentle foaming cleanser (comes in a blue bottle w/blue liquid) and it seems to clean my face without drying it out and all, but doesn't really help with breakouts. It has a little bit of peppermint oil in it which feels so nice on my skin, not too tingly like Noxema which can actually hurt, but it feels very fresh. As soon as it's gone I'm going to try something else though. If you haven't already, try checking out because their reviews can be helpfull and they have a lot posted in the skin care area. Other then that I use Vitamin E oil for dry areas (it hasn't caused me to break out) and some benzoyl peroxide spot cream, the generic drugstore brand because it's ingredients are the same as like Clean and Clear or Noxema and it works good. I use to exfoliate, but found that it's kind of hard on my skin and although it would feel clean and smooth, it was more prone to breakouts.
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