Wrist pain?

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I've a lot of pain in my right wrist. I've been to the doctor, who said it was common in new mothers. She expects it to go away and recommended a splint, which I'm wearing now. I've had an x-ray to rule out a hairline fracture. still waiting for my slow ass doctor to get the results. :angry5: I've started some ice and heat treatments at home.

Anyway, the condition I think I have is called De Quervain's tenosynovitis. Has anyone has this? If so, how did you handle it? I keep seeing info that says it resolves with treatment and after ceasing breastfeeding. Right now, I mainly breastfeed at bedtime and throughout the night.

My daughter is 4 months old and weighs almost 16 lbs.



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    I hurt my wrist really badly when my son was around 9 or 10 months old. I think the original diagnosis was what you have but it ended up being that I tore tendons and ligaments in my wrist. I never knew how I pulled it off. The docs were quite impressed with the injury. I can only assume that it had something to do with my son. I wore a splint on the wrist until I had surgery to repair the tears.

    My tears showed up on MRI. Before that, they thought it might be a tumor. If your doc doesn't find anything now, you should request an MRI.

    I hope it heals quickly for you.

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    I actually have the same thing (but never had a baby lol). Mine recurrs without much warning, despite the fact that everything on the internet about it says it shouldn't really recurr.

    Still, at the heart of it, it's a repetitive strain type injury. So as long as you're doing the same movements that are causing the issue (computer work and playing flute, for me) there's a chance you'll have a flair up :/

    That's been my experience, anyways.

    Best thing I can do for it when it DOES flair up is to splint it (for me, it's my thumb that causes the most issues, so I use a thumb splint. Others use a wrist splint though) and minimize EVERY movement with that hand as much as possible for a few days.
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    I've had carpal tunnel in the past, which is also a repetitive strain injury, and sometimes it's started to flare up again since having my daughter. I find that babywearing helps a lot because for me, the positions my wrist gets bent into while trying to hold my daughter with one hand can easily cause wrist pain.
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    Yep...my wrists have gotten worse since I had my daughter, but I've also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since then as well.

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