clarifying shampoo question

I'm on a bit of a tight college student budget and I recently spent a little too much on hair products that I'm now not going to be needing.

Would a body wash be a good clarifying wash for my hair? I have used it for my hair when I was out of shampoo before- it has no silicones and contains sodium laureth sulfate.

After this I'm getting myself some good quality, cheap cruelty-free conditioner. Any suggestions?


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    I wouldn't recommend a body wash as a clarifier. There's often ingredients in there that can build up, even if there isn't any cones.
    Since you're trying to budget your money, why not try a clarifier you can buy at the store, such as Suave or Alberto clarifying shampoos? They are very cheap.
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    You could even just look at the products you already own and check the shampoos for silicones. I know I had a surprising number of acceptable clarifying shampoos lurking in my closet. I think I actually used an Herbal Essences shampoo to clarify once, but you should check that and not just go on my word.
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    I didn't have anything other than Aussie lying around. I just went ahead and used the body wash- it's Bath and Body Works and basically just contains a bunch of oils such as eucalyptus and has laureth sulfate along with other ingredients I found in the White Rain products.

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