Braids Vs Buns

Curly_MichikoCurly_Michiko Registered Users Posts: 29
Which do you think is better when you're growing out your hair or retaining more moisture? Do you know any pros and cons for both methods? And what products do you use for them? Thank you!


  • afrikurlafrikurl Registered Users Posts: 736
    I am a self proclaimed braid expert. I have worn braids or some version of them most of my life. I don't have much information in regards to the bun.

    With braids you can keep your hair moisturized with braid spray or a homemade spritz (I use aloe vera, glycerine from walgreens and water). The last time I wore braids was after I had been introduced to this website so I was concerned about moisture and keeping my scalp clean. I would occasionally rub in some leave in, in a downward motion to avoid frizz. and what I believe made the biggest difference, I co washed every 3-4 weeks. I rebraided the front a few days after each co wash to keep them looking fresh. I would say the down side to braids is that you can't feel or see the status of your hair. You just have to kinda have a routine.

    I believe the bonus for buns is that you can know when you hair needs more moisture instead of applying a conditioner every couple of days because you think you need it. You can wash or co wash whenever without worry of frizz and my favorite thing is that if you have the urge to see your hair and put your fingers up there to feel your wonderful texture, you can.
  • Curly_MichikoCurly_Michiko Registered Users Posts: 29
    Did you wear cornrows? B/c I was just going to do like a braid-out or something. Oh man, to constantly spray your hair, I'd probably get lazy with that lol. So would you say the braids helped you retain more moisture?
  • Wild Curls Raquelle Wild Curls Raquelle Registered Users Posts: 793 Curl Neophyte
    I've only had extensions once in my life and hated it. I have however had regular cornrows/ box braids etc. I like both for all the reasons that afrikurl gave. I do however like braids more than buns though. With braids you're less likely to touch your hair. With buns, well you have to take it down, when you do that, you start touching. I think that's the down fall in my opinion. I have only been wearing braids in the winter but I apply moisturizer and seal daily.
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  • Curly_MichikoCurly_Michiko Registered Users Posts: 29
    I see, yeah with buns you do take your hair out, comb it and then moisturize and seal. Do you wash your braids too?
  • CouvagirlCouvagirl Registered Users Posts: 38
    My hair is sooo thin (yet kinky/curly) that braids break it easily.

    Plus I'm sick of extentions :tongue:
  • PrettycurlsPrettycurls Registered Users Posts: 1,482
    Perhaps larger braids would be an option.

    I braid my hair in a large french braid in the back or
    two large french braids.

    You can always do a "goddess braid". That way I never
    have to touch my hair until I wash it again.

    You can also wear hair accessories (just like buns)
    to make them more professional looking.
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  • Curly_MichikoCurly_Michiko Registered Users Posts: 29
    Yeah, that's what I wanted to do but I can't braid big :(.
    I would love to be able to do a goddess braid or a french braid but I'm not really good with braiding. I can't style my hair in the back to save my life lol. That would certainly stop me from taking my hair down lol.
  • Curly_MichikoCurly_Michiko Registered Users Posts: 29
    Thank you Loruoo96 lol

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