How do you like Everyday Minerals?

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I'm using bare minerals right now but the bismuth oxychloride makes me itch and the foundation itself is a bit too yellow for me. I heard of em as a much cheaper, purer, and easier to match alternative.

Has anyone here every tried it?
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  • sew and sewsew and sew Registered Users Posts: 3,443
    I've never tried Bare Minerals but I know someone who did that says Everyday Minerals feels a bit chalkier on. But I bet some others would disagree with that since I've heard former Bare Minerals users praise Everyday Minerals.

    I've used EM a lot and to me it's worth the price. It does feel slightly chalky on compared to the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear I'm currently using. Only difference is I have to apply more PF to get the kind of coverage Everyday Minerals lent...and Everday Minerals has a much wider selection of shades. I'll definitely continue to purchase from them if I don't find something better during this experimental phase.

    Outside of the chalkiness factor (which might be a product of how my individual skin feels with their formula) my real only desire is that EM would stay on a little longer. Don't like retouching, want something that does its job all day basically. I'm guessing that's rare for mineral makeup in general though.
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    I've been using Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals for about five years now, and I love them. I did try Everyday Minerals, but it was too sheer for me. It didn't seem to last on me over the course of the day.
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  • Naveed00Naveed00 Registered Users Posts: 193
    I love Everyday Minerals. I especially love that you can get free sample kits and only have to pay for shipping. The samples alone last you weeks if not several months. I think you should at least give the sample kit a try because it is well worth the $3 you pay for shipping.
  • wash'nwaviewash'nwavie Registered Users Posts: 38
    Naveed00 wrote: »
    I love Everyday Minerals. I especially love that you can get free sample kits and only have to pay for shipping. The samples alone last you weeks if not several months. I think you should at least give the sample kit a try because it is well worth the $3 you pay for shipping.

    I agree. It took me at least a month to use the samples. I also checked there forums for shade advice, and they were very helpful. I use the intensive coverage foundation, and I'm very happy with it.
  • Misses_JaiMisses_Jai Registered Users Posts: 97
    i'm a total EM head... i've been using EM since 2007 & i'm hooked. i use a mix of 2 foundation shades, in the intensive formula. the coverage is perfect and natural and i don't get itchy nor do i get that shimmery look that Bismuth gives. it's VERY affordable and the sample kits they offer are generous.

    you can send them a pic of you, in natural light, and ask them for foundation shade advice. their customer service is excellent and they'll take care of you. i say get the sample kit and take it from there. :D
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    I ordered the free sample kit and the $18 mini kit a few weeks ago so I could try several colors and formulas. I found it to be sort of chalky and it gave me dry patches all over my face. The dry patches were worse with the intensive formula, but I also got them with the original formula. I was really bummed because I wanted to like this stuff.
  • spoiledcoilsspoiledcoils Registered Users Posts: 145
    I LOVE Everyday Minerals!
    Like you, I bought Bare Minerals and the bismuth just made me itch and burn. I then got a sample kit from EM (which lasted ages) and found the perfect match for my skin.
    I use the Original Glo formula which is quite sheer but that's all I need. I never find it chalky or powdery looking. I love it because it's super easy to apply and looks like my own skin -just nicer!
    Their brushes are really nice and inexpensive as well.
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