Honey + almond oil for sunken eyes. Is that right?

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Well, since I haven't seen any information here on honey for the skin, I suppose no one here has tried it? Or even heard of it?

I am 35 and have hollow, sunken eyes with dark circles. I've never had skin problems in the past, but my dark circles have kicked in about 7 years ago. They weren't extremely noticeable at first, but I feel they are now quite noticeable. I HATE them, and I feel that the appearance of my eyes are the key thing that's robbing me of a possible youthful appearance. OK..I suppose that eyes make all the difference in the world.

So, I've known about the home remedy listed at the following link for quite sometime now and finally decided to give it a try:


Well, I actually tried the first tip, since the 2nd one that only involves soaking and eating almonds followed by a glass of milk sounds a little implausible. Well, after a few days of trying the honey, my skin broke out a bit (with a few zits), which sucks because I usually don't have any problems with zits (and, I didn't when I was younger). The honey leaked down my face. If there was a way I could protect the rest of my face from the honey and continue to use it under my eyes, I would try it again.

Any ideas?


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    Ok...let me get this straight: NO ONE here has heard anything about using honey on the skin?????
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    I haven't heard of it, but I took a look at the link you posted and there isn't much information there. Do you know how or why this works? I would think if you just dabbed a little on that it wouldn't run that much because of the honey, but I'm obviously wrong if it did run when you tried it.

    I found this link also:


    This other site: http://www.ehow.com/how_4702981_home-remedies-dark-puffy-eyes.html
    said to mix almond oil and lime juice. I would think if that got into your eyes it'd burn though. Yikes.

    My suggestion would just be to massage it in a little longer than you did the first time so more of it gets absorbed and won't be likely to run down.
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    It's possible that there's some laser treatment that will help. Short of something like that, there is nothing that will "cure" naturally dark under-eye circles, and you will waste a lot of money if you pursue this.

    Just get some good concealer.
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    i've only heard of using a dab of honey to dry up zits.

    dark circles under the eyes are most hereditary and there's next to nothing you can do for them. good concealer as E said above works wonders. you could also try raising the head of your bed by a couple of inches so that blood is not pooling under your eyes while you sleep.
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    OK....thanks all. I'm going to give it another try. I actually stared again today with much less honey than what that site mentions...a full teaspoon is apparently way too much. After taking a close-up photo of myself and blowing it up to get a closer look...I realize it's not really my dark circles that bother me...it's wrinkles...ack! I normally don't even notice them when I look in the mirror...making me wonder how much the digital camera is exaggerating them?? So now I know what I really need to work on...hmmmm.

    Thanks for the link..JillH and the tips from everyone else....

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