Easy Straight long lasting frizz remover

crwrittcrwritt Registered Users Posts: 705 Curl Neophyte
Has anyone tried this? Did it work? i ask because it is 75% off at Rite Aid now.


  • CurliTressesCurliTresses Registered Users Posts: 119
    I haven't used product, but read about the "Easy Straight" hair straightner about couple years ago, and the reviews were not too good. I would suggest doing a google search on this product. Also MakeUp Alley is another site for product reviews.
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  • crwrittcrwritt Registered Users Posts: 705 Curl Neophyte
    It not the hair straightener but the "frizz remover", a different product. I've looked for and read all the product reviews I could find on it, which were few,some were positive. I just thought someone from here may have had some experience with it.
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    ...it's the same ingredients as the relaxer, only in a milder form. Ogilvie makes the same thing and that's what that one essentially is.

    It's probably a thio-based mild relaxer so bear that in mind. For me, thios are the devil and I wouldn't use one again if you paid me. (Well, maybe if you paid me a lot!) They don't straighten and leave my hair worse so dry and frizzy it looks like I'm wearing a tumbleweed for a hat. A very angry tumbleweed.

    But some people get great results with thios. It depends on what works with your hair. Make sure you read the ingredients!
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  • crwrittcrwritt Registered Users Posts: 705 Curl Neophyte
    Thanks for replying. I did buy the stuff but will wait to use till I see at least one review .

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