Do any of you seal your ends and....

what is your routine? Since I am prone to split ends no matter what I do I try to take extra care of my ends. Do any of you do anything extra to protect your ends?

Thanks in advance

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  • farmgirl598farmgirl598 Posts: 33Registered Users
    I keep a spritz bottle of olive oil and water next to the bathroom sink, and use it almost every time i do ANYTHING to my hair. I concentrate it on the ends, and HOPE it seals them. I trim it every so often when i notice a few split ends,..... but I seem to have fewer dry hair/split end/managability problems since finding this wonderful site! I got lazy today, so i just lightly sprayed with the olive oil and water spritz, then combed and french braided. I have found that a french braid is great for the "less than perfect" hair days, and it's a great style for fighting "helmet head" when i ride my motorcycles. I leave about 2 inches of hair free at the end of the braid, and coat those with olive oil to seal the ends too!

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