Starting CG this weekend....any advice, tips, recommendations, etc??

hey guys...i originally posted this in the general forum but figured i'd post it here too...

greetings fellow curlies icon_wink.gif so i'm going to wash my hair this weekend and officially become a CG girl. my plan is to do a SLS wash, probably with baking soda, to get the massive amounts of cones out of my hair. now, once i've done that do i follow it up with a co-wash, or do i go straight to conditioning? i have V05 for my co-wash and a bottle of Suave Naturals Coconut and a bottle of L'Oreal Vive Pro for Wavy/Curly Hair (in the pink bottle) (not sure which one will work best and since they're inexpensive, i figure why not have both and see what works). i'm going to get [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] & KCKT tomorrow and i also have some Suave Gel in my cabinet - i've done an ingredient check and there's not a 'cone in sight. i have a microfiber towel, large, wide tooth comb, and duckbill clips.

i've read great things about [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] mixed with [buylink=]KCKT[/buylink], and i'd like to give it a try on my 3a/3b hair, that's coarse and thick. i'm hoping it won't be too heavy. just in case it is, what are some other recommendations you guys might have? i've been eyeing MOP, C-Curl, and Jessicurl products as well. i'd like to go with brands that i can pick up locally as opposed to having to buy online all the time.

so, i'm super hyped about this transition- especially having seen all the b4 & after pics of the CG girls. i always thought my curls were at their best, but i see there's much MUCH more potential there.....

any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated icon_biggrin.gif

TIA guys!!
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CG since Jan 2009.....
No hair color since 2007..i've stopped fighting the greys....they always win....
3a/some 2c
clarify - ACV rinse
co-wash - NGTT calming conditioner or suave naturals tropical coconut
rinse-out - sally's GVP cond. balm
dt - sally's GVP k-pak or lustrasilk
leave in & styling - KCKT, KCCC, HESMU mousse
styling loves - DIFFUSING!!! & plopping


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