I'm a swimmer - Can i do CG?

I swim four or five days a week, in the evenings. I have 3a hair, and find that it is usually dry, dull and breaks easily. I want to try CG but i don't know if not using shampoo will prevent all the chlorine from being washed off. Any recommendations? Should I try it?


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    I swim about twice a week in the afternoons. I wear a cap, but my hair does get wet. After that I rinse in the shower and wash with conditioner--VO5. It works for me.
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    Yes, you should be able to. Here's some more info that you may find helpful:

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    i had the same question not to long ago its around here somewhere...but i wet my hair b4 and put some condish and my swim cap on then did my regular co-wash but with a little lemon juice added and my hair was fine...there was a recipe with cucumbers, evoo, and egg as a weekly dt for swimmers also around...hth
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