Neighborhood Ball

curly_kccurly_kc Posts: 72Registered Users Curl Novice
This isn't political. I was disappointed that the singers at the Neighborhood Ball, broadcast on ABC Tuesday night, straightened their hair. Beyonce, Shakira, Alicia Keyes. They all straightened their hair for the event. Does that imply that straight hair is more formal? traditional?
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  • afrikurlafrikurl Posts: 736Registered Users
    The only one you mentioned who ever wears her hair natural in public is Shakira. I think I may have seen a picture or two of Ms Keys curly. Beyonce ALWAYS heat straightens, wears a wig or weave or some combination of the aforementioned styles. This wasn't about formality. Most Black folks have natural hair issues that are too deep rooted to explain.

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