Yoga Amnesia?

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This may sound weird, but I haven't done yoga for a while, and I kind of.. forgot how? Can anybody help me? Recommend a website or a kind of yoga? I NEED to start again- one of my new year's resolutions. Please help me! :angry7:


  • luvmylocsluvmylocs Registered Users Posts: 7,578 Curl Neophyte
    check out to get reacclimated to yoga
    a dreamy pisces :fish:
    please recycle, it matters...
    i change lives...through fitness
    i'm more relaxed being natural
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    I totally know what you mean. I haven't practiced in a long time. Between 2 pregnancies and 50 extra lbs my body is a stranger to me. When I used to be able to do full lotuses and put both feet behind my head, now, I can barely lift my leg straight in front of me. My core and pelvic area is totally weak beyond belief.

    I'm turning to youtube to jog my memory. I'm an ashtanga practitioner, so I just do searches for "primary series" and listen along. If you have tivo - you can watch youtube videos on your tv.

    I decided that my body was ready to resume practice today. I did more sun salutations that I would usually do as part of my practice - like 10 instead of 5. I needed the stretch to warm up more and it gave me much needed time to get re-aquainted with my body and learn some subtle changes that I can't detect with routine body movement. I also practiced very very slowly and took extra breaths with each movement.

    I do lots of modifications, but I don't use props (belts, straps, blocks etc.) I believe that props can get you in a mindset of having postures look "right" instead of letting your body open naturally and slowly. Also, I find that in some postures, they can mask areas you need to work on. And of course, it's one more thing to think about instead of focusing on your breath.

    Eventually, I'll work up to finishing full standing primary series but I don't put a timeline on this.

    Good luck!
  • smo6767smo6767 Registered Users Posts: 409
    Thank you both! I'm on yoga journal right now and looking at the sequences for beginners, because most of my flexibility had gone out the door.

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