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I am in no way very experienced with makeup. I used to wear it just on the weekends, but since I was pregnant with my son in 2004 my makeup application has bascially gone to nothing. Even though I am pregnant again, I would like to wear something to make myself feel better.

Anyway, the one thing that I am defiently lacking is brush's. Do the more expensive brush's really make a difference in application? What brush's would you recommend?

Also, I need to replenish my makeup supply and need to start from scratch. Right now I prefer the more natural to light look. I don't mind color, but with a toddler and being pregnant again, my time for applying makeup is not very long. I have never worn foundation or powder, basically just stuck with blush, mascara, eyeshadow and sometimes liner. The reason why I never have worn foundation/power is because it seems like it would feel heavy and I don't like to feel the makeup on my face (hope that makes since). What brand of makeup would you recommend? Not sure if this info would matter any, but I have very fair combination skin, blue/grey eyes and dark blonde/light brown hair with blonde highlights. I am looking to put some color on my face and bring out certain features.

Thanks :D


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    Mac makes great brushes, so does Bobbi Brown, I'm not sure about drugstore brands, I know CVS has a line that look pretty good they have a beige handle. I would start off with a blush brush and maybe an eyeshadow brush. As for makeup, how about a tinted moisturizer to even out your skintone, some blush a sheer coat of a eyeshadow like a bone color and some lipgloss, How does that sound, I would do the lipgloss and blush in the same color family like, pinks or corals or peaches Oh and of course a light eyeliner like brown and mascara
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    I own MAC's Foundation brush and I am glad that I invested the money into getting a high quality one such as this! I can definitely see it lasting a lifetime! Also flocked sponges work really good too, if you can find one! Fortunately for me, I was able to get one from my local Sally's when it was on clearance!
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    I would definitely invest in natural hair make-up brushes. If you clean them on a regular basis and take care of them, they will last you a lifetime. When I used to work for the Body Shop, all of their brushes were natural bristle (they're now synthetic). Thanks to my employee discount (30%) I stocked up on everything. I probably bought them in 1996 or 1997 - and I still have them to this day.
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    I believe it is smart to invest in some good makeup brushes. (Otherwise the cheap ones bristles fall out all over the place and you have to buy news ones down the road) As long as you take care and wash your good brushes every so often, they'll last forever! Mostly I own ones from MAC and some Bobbi Brown eyeliner and concealer ones. Its most important to have a good Powder and Blush brush, a good eyeliner brush if you use any gel or cake type eyeliner or wet eyeshadow, and of course, a concealer brush to get those zits and under eye circles.

    As for natural makeup - Bare Minerals is the bomb and takes 5 secs to put on! 'Nuff said.
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    I've heard the ones from Target (Sonia Kashuk) are pretty good.
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    I'd wait until the holidays. Most cometic companies have great package deals every winter. I wouldn't have been able to afford my brushes any other way.
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    liv2dance4 wrote:

    As for natural makeup - Bare Minerals is the bomb and takes 5 secs to put on! 'Nuff said.

    2nd Bare Minerals, I love that stuff, its quick, flawless, and Natural, good for your skin. Also it looks better as the day goes by, unlike many others.

    for Brushes, I believe that's its not about how much you pay for them, its the quality that matters. and a quality brush will give you flawless, even, accurate, application. My personal faves are Essence of Beauty brushes- from CVS price ranges about $5-15 and they sell sets with a free brush included sometimes. also I like the Sonia Kashuk brushes from target, the prices about the same as EoB. and the brushes from Bare minerals seem to be good to.

    I'm not a fan of MAC brushes, I think they are overpriced.

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    all makeup brushes are overpriced!

    go to a craft store or art supply store and buy them there! that's where most of mine came from.
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    Costco has a whole set of makeup brushes packaged in a clear plastic case from Borghese for $17.99.
    I bought the set and I think they're extremely nice for the money. The set also came with a little cylindrical case for travel.
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