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Hey i have small green eyes and i cant wear an eyeliner because the upper area of my eeye is really really small so i wear kohls in the lower lid to make my eyes look prettier..i have heard that wearing a green kohl makes green eyes look prettier and make them pop what should i try macs eye kohls n if yes which one..? minted tarnish or rosemary and thyme..?

And yeah will green look ok if i wear it to college everyday or will i look too dresssed up..? because i plan to wear just a kohl on lower lid and a nice light lipgloss..



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    I have green eyes. I wear dark brown eyeliner most of the time. I haven't tried green, but now I'm intrigued. However, I think browns are maybe better for an every day type look - more neutral.

    I'm not sure what the difference between a kohl and an eyeliner is? I've been using BareEscentuals eyeliner, which comes in powder form and I put it on with a brush. I also use a dark brown MAC eyeliner when I'm a hurry.
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    If you really want the green to pop, use plum tones. I don't know exactly why, but it really brings out green eyes beautifully.
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    it just depends on your whole image like your skin tone and hair color so you should ask an MAC artist when you go there.
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    Metallic plum tones look gorgeous on green eyes!!! An old friend of mine has green eyes and I used to love doing her eye make-up when we went out partying. I could use these colours that don't look as nice on my blue eyes.
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    my eyes are kinda strange to me. At first I thought they were dark brown...but I then got a flash light so I could look at the color more because I noticed alot of being with dark brown eyes have really rich chocolatley browns...but mine looked like a dull brown, like it wasnt even brown but some other color just really dark, and I also noticed a blue rim around my eyes, which I thought was interestings. My boyfriend say my eyes are more dark hazel, than dark brown.
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    ok thanks a lot everyone but will a plum kohl look ok on the lower lid for the everyday use?

    kohl is more smudgy and you mostly put in on your lower lid.. =]
  • velvet pawsvelvet paws Posts: 1,250Registered Users
    I think for every day you should try and stick with a neutral color. When you want to jazz thing up a bit, try greens or plums. I especially like plums on my green eyes - I wear plum shadows, but I don't like plum liners - they have sort of a black eye (in the I got punched in the face sense) thing going on. I think the effect would be doubly bad with a plum kohl.

    Personally, I wouldn't wear just kohl on your lower lid - it will make your eyes look unfinished and unbalanced. If you want to do something very simple to bring out your eyes, try just wearing some mascara. For something more, try sweeping a neutral shadow across your lid and use a lighter one to highlight your eyes just under your brows, then using a kohl or eyeliner plus some mascara. For an even more dramatic look, put a darker shadow in the crease of your eye (along with the other stuff). If you just wear one thing, mascara is the one to wear. Mascara and gloss is a nice, minimal makeup look.
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    I've got green eyes, too, but I've never been able to wear any eyeliner on my lower lid (unless it's a tiny tip of the outer corner) because it makes my eyes look smaller. And then I get racoon eyes. :?

    But I've used a navy blue kohl years ago and it brought out the color. Now I use a dark grey or a black liner (used very sparingly).

    Plum liner, on me, looks like I have enflamed eyes, but plum shadows work. Green liners never worked on me, but a moss-green kohl sounds good.
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    nadya wrote:
    Hey i have small green eyes and i cant wear an eyeliner because the upper area of my eeye is really really small

    I have green eyes also. It usually not recommended to match your eye color to your eye make up (this is where opposites attract) :wink: ... you always want something that compliments such as purple. I'll also use a very soft black.

    A few things I've found to make my eyes look larger are....
    pluck your brows into a nice arch which opens up the area;
    only use eyeliner half way across the top and bottom but make the line meet in the outside corner;
    lightly use a white eyeliner (mine is from philosophy) on the lower rim- smudge;
    use a complimentary eye shadow- light and bright (I like soft purples, pinks or nudes);
    dot a shimmery flesh color in the tear duct area;
    curl your lashes;
    mascara only on the top lashes and VOILA!

    You should have a great looking eye! :D
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    If you really want the green to pop, use plum tones. I don't know exactly why, but it really brings out green eyes beautifully.

    because green is opposite purple on the colour wheel!

    i love my MAC violet eye pencil, but there's the new Technacolour collection with a great shade called Purple Dash that you might want to try!

    my August 2004 column talks about selecting colours based on eye colour:
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