Shampoo bars

curls101curls101 Posts: 334Registered Users
So can anyone give me information on shampoo bars and if its a good idea for someone having a hard time getting volume and for really dry hair.....

thanks a bunch.

I have read a lengthy note on it , from this site but wanted personally experience in price,benefits, if it works, how it works etc.

thanks again


  • farmgirl598farmgirl598 Posts: 33Registered Users
    All I can say is, I asked a similar question recently. Basically, was worried about he pH. I used a super moisturizing shampoo bar, thena very rich conditioner. I left the conditioner on my hair for about 3 minutes, rinsed, then followed it all with a diluted Vinegar rinse to restore pH. My hair is full, shiny, and bouncy. I say try it! If you like it, stick with it. If not, you can always move on to other methods. Good luck, and have fun!

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