The chocolate is taunting me.

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I'm at work, and waiting for a Healthy Choice entree to finish in the microwave. There's a box of these Cadbury caramel eggs sitting on my desk that were a gift from the office manager. I plan to give them to my SO, who can eat whatever he wants (jerk).

Just seeing the box sitting there is making me crave chocolate. I don't even like caramel, ugh.

Time to hide them in my purse. Out of sight, out of mind... right? I hope? :lol:


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    Did you resist?
    I'm so proud of myself: last week was my chocolate fit week, and I didn't indulge even once! Since I won't eat sugar, knowing that just having one Splenda sweetened choclate will bloat me and make my stomach hurt was enough of a deterrent. And I didn't have any Jello sugar-free pudding in the cabinet, so I somehow got through it.
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    my secret are protein bars...a lot of them have chocolate, but also contain way more nutrients and protein than eating a chocolate bar. Make sure to check the calorie content though, and eat them wisely. I will have some coffee and one of those. They taste pretty good, and are definitly healther than plain old chocolate.
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    i gave in today :(

    my mum's friend paid me to do her ironing: she just got back from a holiday and had loads. so i did 3-4 hours of ironing!!! was feeling so rubbish by the end of it and so blimmin bored of ironing that i gave in and ate two chocolates to cheer me up. grr...

    guess solution is to live with crumpled clothes?! :?

    is weigh-day tomorrow so will see how things are going *bites lip*
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  • automaticflowersautomaticflowers Posts: 3,465Registered Users
    How'd it go, curlyorwavy?

    I completely forgot I started this thread. :lol: Man I'm scatterbrained. But to answer your question, cynamin, YES I did resist! :D It wasn't terribly hard to do, since I hate caramel, but I can feel proud anyway damn it. :wink:
  • Kat03785Kat03785 Posts: 6Registered Users
    I found a great way to help with the chocolate cravings. In the store next to the 100 calorie packs are these things called hershey's snackers. They are individual packs at 100 calories each that have chocolate cereal and chocolate chip cookie pieces and chocolate chips. Its mostly cereal and the cookie bits but there are about 10 - 15 chocolate chips in each pack. Its not a whole lot but if you take the time to let them melt and enjoy them I found it satisfied my chocolate cravings and I only ate 100 calories! HTH!
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    Kat03785 that's a great tip! I have had those before.. I like the peanut butter ones better myself ^_^ but doesn't help for chocolate much I guess. I'd eat a little bit if it was driving me that crazy. Usually the first and last bites of something are the best one. So if you just have one it should be the best! haha.
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    Do you have time to make meals instead? Having a sandwich with your favorite, healthy ingredients is probably a lot more satisfying than a frozen, low-fat dinner. And eating high-quality foods will keep you full. Enjoying your regular meals will leave you satisfied without eating Cadbury eggs (as delicious as those are...I loooove the creme-filled kind!). Also, you could just have one egg a day or something. Or buy some low-fat whipped cream. It has a decadent taste and mouth-feel, but isn't too many calories.
  • automaticflowersautomaticflowers Posts: 3,465Registered Users
    I wish I had time to cook myself meals for lunch! My job has me either strapped to my desk writing all day, or out doing photo assignments and interviews. Lunch is something quick and easy whenever I have a few minutes to grab it.

    I had breakfast at about 9:30 this morning, so by a schedule I set for myself, I should be eating lunch right about now. Not hungry, though, since I just guzzled half a liter of water.

    And there's no chocolate on my desk anymore, but I do have some sugarfree gum and a banana. :) That takes care of any cravings for sweets I might get.

    I was thinking, for lunch, I'd do the same thing I did in high school that gave me pretty good results: Brown-bag it! A sandwich, a pickle or some carrots, and a fresh piece of fruit. I just have to drag my butt out of bed a few minutes earlier each morning to prepare that stuff. :P

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