baby powder/baking soda

Has anybody ever tried this on their roots? I'm on no-poo and my hair's adjusted fine after a year of it, but on some really strange, random days, I get a somewhat oily scalp. I've read that using this on my scalp would get rid of the oiliness, but would it affect my curly hair at all?


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    I've used baby powder when I have straightened my hair to get a 3rd day out of the look but when I apply it to the scalp I brush it in so it blends. Im not sure how well it would work with curls since you cant exactly brush it in. Maybe if you took some on your finger tips rubbed them together and then gently applied it to your part area with a bit of a finger brushing motion (just the first few cm though). I actually have thought about doing this too but I haven't ever tried it curly yet. HTH
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    What products are you using?

    Baking soda is really harsh. I'd try using lemon juice in your conditioner first. If that doesn't help, do a baking soda rinse followed by an ACV rinse.
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