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Ack. Harry gave himself a black eye today. He had just had his morning snack, when he took off down the hall full speed (as usual). I was a few feet behind him and saw him trip and slam full force with his face into the door frame of our bedroom. He has a small cut and large bruise next to his right eye.

He was fine after a few minutes, but I'm still cringing when I look at the damage. Poor little guy! How is it that they always take their worst spills when you are right there? :-( He's going to look great for our family Christmas gathering on Sunday. He looks like he lost a fight.
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    Awww! I feel for you guys. Connor did something similar a few months ago. It was a couple weeks before Ollie was born, and I was super pregnant and not at my most agile, so I couldn't catch him. Connor stumbled and fell into the corner of a wall and gave himself a huge bruise and goose egg on his forehead. It was right as we were getting ready to meet some friends for lunch, so we had to show up with him looking all battered.
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    Awww, poor Harry!

    Dylan fell and hit his head against the couch a week or so ago. Which wouldn't have been so bad with the couch being padded, but he gave himself a big rugburn where his face rubbed the couch as he fell. We had to explain to a few people why our child had rugburn on his face. :lol:
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    Yeah, he is just really fast and very nimble. He rarely falls, but sometimes he forgets to put the brakes on and...Wham! He's going to be the reason I go gray early.
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    Poor kiddo. We've found that having arnica handy (either in melt away tabs or in gel/oil) is a must for any family of small children. It will soothe the pain instantly and usually eliminate if not lessen the length of a bruise/goose egg. Hope he heals soon.

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