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jade22jade22 Posts: 110Registered Users
So i have major splits in my hair so i called my salon for an apointment for a trim. Since its the holiday season they said that they were very busy and can only take me in 3 weeks!
Is there anything i can do till then that may keep my splits from spliting even more? - they tend to split quickly once i need a trim

Im almost tempted to go somewhere else - however i trust my salon, and am scared if i go to a place ive never been to, i might get a bad cut and regret it.

..I know i sound neurotic, but, im trying to grow out my hair and i dont want to have to cut a lot off

- any suggestions??


  • curlyaniecurlyanie Posts: 111Registered Users
    how about trimming it yourself?:D i saw an article on wikihow about splits so i guess you just type in 'how to trim your own hair'..hope that helps!:toothy7:
    product staple: suave coconut conditioner
    goal: healthy BSL! :D
    obstacle: haven't figured it out:crybaby:
    :protest:probable suspects
    • hard water
    • varying product use
    • weather-hair chemistry confusion

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