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Has anyone else been trying Curly Girl but not seen any results? I've been lurking on this website for a year now, and I've tried all the things that has worked for others:

No poo
No proteins etc

and it seems that regardless of what I try, the results are always the same.

Though, I have noticed a small difference lately, but it was been a negative one because of work and a change in weather.

I have to wear my hair up at work and have been using a scrunchy to avoid elastic breakage, but by the end of the day, the scrunchie has pulled out all my curl on the upper half of my hair, and I have an oh so attractive ponytail bump. It really makes my hair look stringy.

But on top of that, with the rainy, damp winter weather I've been using more conidsh to try and fight the added frizz. Frizz remains, but now my hair looks wet and greay all the time. I've tried using less condish, but that just leaves the top of my hair still looking greasy, but with lots of frizz and but the back of my hair looks dry.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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    You may need a different conditioner. AOHR doesn't work well for everyone since it is heavy in oils. Be sure that none of your hair products have silicones - anything that ends in 'cone, 'conol, or 'xane. Be sure to massage/scrub your head with your fingertips and rinse well. Are you cowashing everyday? Using conditioner on your scalp too often can lead to problems with greasiness, flakes, and itchiness, especially if you aren't using enough gentle friction. You may need to try water washing - just using conditioner on the length. To get 2nd day hair, many pineapple (have a high ponytail) to preserve the curl. Are you pulling your hair too tight? If you post your products and routine, we may be able to help you more.
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    Additionally, if you're having greasy problems, you could try a low-poo or a shampoo bars. I love the Chagrin Valley shampoo bar that I have and while co-washing 4 times a week was working well for my hair, adding the CV bar twice a week has cleared up any weighing-down build-up problems I was having from my stylers. Plus, a lot of people have to play around with a bunch of different products before they find some that work, so experiment and you're likely to find something better.
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    Can you post a pic, as well as giving a detailed description of your texture and thickness?
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    It took me lots of trial and error to see any improvement. My first mistake was not distributing my conditioner even (I was only getting the surface). I also stopped using proteins thinking that was the culprit but my hair actually needs them. I also discovered that co-washing was not enough for my hair and I need a low-poo (I use Giovanni TTT). I wish you luck in figuring it out. :icon_smile:
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    I've been CG for only a few weeks now and I notice a difference (more curls!). I'm thinking maybe you're overconditioning and getting buildup? About once or twice a week I scrub my scalp with a baking soda mixture to get buildup off. some say this is bad for your hair and too drying, so I'm going to order some shampoo bars from Kathy Mack. I also bought a low poo to use maybe once a week or once every couple of weeks.
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